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noragami per episode : episode 06
Bishamon being a cutie in her Pyjamas (ノ ̄ー ̄)ノ

Hiyori ✿◕‿◕✿ || Noragami ova 2 


by ㅌㅗㄴ
※Permission to upload this was given by the artist


get to know me memefavourite male characters: Yato [5/10]

Yato and Bishamon || Noragami OAD 2

Noragami OAD 2 - The Kiss! + Reactions (>ω<)

» NORAGAMI OVA 2 (Improved ver? Probably not.)


As I said yesterday, I’m uploading an “HD” version of the OVA. The plan was  to have better quality but somewhere along the line my movie maker messed up and the audio/video were COMPLETELY OUT OF SYNC. 

So instead of waiting another 2 hours for the video to render and probably get the same error, I just optimized it for the computer so the quality is probably really bad.

I’ve already uploaded it to Veoh and it’s processing right now  just finished processing as we speak.



In this version I’ve fixed small mistakes as mentioned by flamingo-chan and ones I’ve noticed myself. Very small fix but a small error can lead to a big misunderstanding.

Really you ought to thank operadarling for this. She was the one who translated the Spanish Subtitles to English for me. I just slapped them on here with Windows Movie Maker.

And I also realized I deleted the old version out of my MP4Upload list. So, just use the one above (click the blue “Download” button when you’re on the page, unless the player decides to work, then yeah use that.)


Kofuku in Noragami OVA 2